Chapter 4

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Vocabulary:        4-1    4-2    4-3    4-4    4-5
Mail Messages:  4-1   4-2    4-3    4-4    4-5

字 (Characters)

  4-1  cards
  4-2  interview sheet
  4-3  Pair Practice 2
地 図 (Map Skills)
    Can you find Ginza (銀座), where the Kabukiza is located on this map?

文化 (Culture)
  • Look for 紙芝居 (かみしばい), or "paper theater" relating to Japan.
  • Find information about Kabuki theater and Noh drama. Determine how you could compare and contrast them.
  • What kinds of characters, costumes, and facial expressions can you discover?

Section 2 - For your research, you might choose to look at some of the print collections mentioned in the last chapter from Hiroshige's 特価移動五十三次 (Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi) and search some of the most famous highways used during the Tokugawa period in Japan used to travel to Edo including:
甲州街道(Koushuu Kaidou)

奥州街道(Oushuu Kaidou)
日光街道(Nikkou Kaidou).

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