Chapter 6

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    Section 3
  • お蔭<かげ> - a noun, means thanks to or owing to, assistance.  This is often used as part of a reply to お元気ですか.  A basic reply could be お元気です, but お蔭さまで is often quite nice to use as it implies that you are all better because of the backing of you, God, the god's, etc.
  • お世<せ>話<わ> - a noun, means help, assistance.  It is often used as part of the phrase お世話になりました。 - I'm much obliged (to you), or, I'm grateful for the help or assistance.

字 (Characters)
        In the dialog, in the second last of Kiara's letter, she says "お体に気を付けて、風邪を引かないで下さい".  In this warning/suggestion to be careful of their health and to not catch a cold, the kanji 引<ひ> is used for "to catch".  A similar kanji with the same pronunciation is 弾<ひ>.  This kanji means "to pull".  Both kanji imply that something is "pulled" toward or in.  Uses showing how you would use these include 風邪を引く as opposed to ギターを弾く or ドアを弾く.

練習 (Practice)
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文化 (Culture

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