Student Q&A

Chapter 2 Section 1

Q - Okay, so I was reading about counting people and I was wondering if I were counting 12  would I say (juu ni nin) or (juu ni futari nin)?

A - When counting people beyond 2 (FUTARI), you only use the number with "NIN" after it. for example: JUUICHININ/じゅういちにん, JUUGONIN/じゅうごにん, SANJUUKYUUNIN/さんじゅうきゅうにん, etc.

Q - Same question with counting objects. In the book it said to count the number of backpacks in the class room so lets say there are 13 backpacks,
would you say (juu mutsu) or (too mutsu)?

A - When counting generic objects 1-9 have counters after them while there are no counters for numbers above 9.   Ten (TOO/とお) is different, but beyond ten is JUUICHI/じゅういち (11), JUUNI/じゅうに (12), SANJUUKYU/さんじゅうきゅう (39),  etc.