Chapter 1 Going to Tokyo

Can-Do Statements

  • Audio    1     3    4    5    6
  • Vocabulary flash cards
  • Additional vocabulary to help you understand things your teacher might say:
     KYOUKASHO (きょうかしょ) - textbook
     SHUKUDAI (しゅくだい) - homework
     KAMI (かみ) - paper
  • Select the chapter and sections you wish to review with and start the concentration game to review  Vocabulary Concentration.
Journal Audio
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Bonus sheet for Section 5

Workbook Listening Activities

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文化箱(ぶんかばこ)/Culture Chest
  • After you have been introduced to the content in section 5, watch this short video.

字 (Characters)
    Kanji 1-2  1-3 

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