Chapter 1 Going to Tokyo

Can-Do Statements

As you work through this textbook and workbook, you will find the following headings, generally in this order other than for the first couple of sections. For the first section, scroll down to the bottom of this menu to the Journal Audio  and follow along in your textbook as needed. The Vocabulary portion where you will find new words for each section is second in section 1 followed by a second Journal entry. *Go to the "Beginning" tab on the left to download the hiragana book and later the katakana book to begin your writing practice. You will also find the first two chapters of the textbook there in PDF format with English letters (ROMAJI) for your convenience rather than hiragana and kanji only spelling until you have learned the hiragana. 

  • Audio (by section)     1     3    4    5    6
  • Vocabulary flash cards
  • Additional vocabulary to help you understand things your teacher might say:
     KYOUKASHO (きょうかしょ) - textbook
     SHUKUDAI (しゅくだい) - homework
     KAMI (かみ) - paper
  • Select the chapter and sections you wish to review with and start the concentration game to review  Vocabulary Concentration.
Journal Audio  (by section) 
    1    2A    2B    3
A good video of Risa from Japanese Pod 101 going over hiragana can be found here.

Bonus sheet for Section 5

Workbook Listening Activities 
 (by section) 
  • Audio    3    5    6

文化箱(ぶんかばこ)/Culture Chest
  • A funny video that covers over bowing in a very "tongue-in-cheek" way is this one. It is way over the top in how to bow in Japanese contexts, but gives you an idea of the variety of ways that it might be considered though not to these extremes.

字 (Characters)
    Hiragana: By the end of the first chapter, you should learn how to read and write half of the hiragana characters. A good video of Risa from Japanese Pod 101 going over hiragana is here.

    Kanji: We try to teach kanji as they come up in learning. It is important to learn as many of them along the way as possible to help your reading and writing. Learning them also helps your vocabulary increase over time.

Download your Passport document here.

Download Beginning Japanese
Kanji flashcards here. Print them off on punch-out Business card paper for best results.

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