Intermediate Japanese Assessments

Intermediate Japanese Workbook

Vocabulary Quizes (pdf file)
Vocabulary Quizes (Word file)

Kanji Quizes (pdf file)
Kanji Quizes (Word file)

Performance Based Assessments ~~NEW!!!

Chapter 1    Interpersonal Writing 1 - The Letter
Interpersonal Writing 2 - Your New School
                    Presentational Speaking - 1b The Trip

Chapter 2
   Interpersonal Writing - The Letter
                    Interpersonal Speaking - It's a Sale
                    Presentational Writing - The Travel Pamphlet
                    Presentational Writing - The Invitation
                    Presentational Speaking - Keraben
                    Presentational Speaking - Product CM
Chapter 3
   Interpersonal Speaking 1B Museum Guide 
                    Interpersonal Writing - 2C Letter to Jun

Chapter 4
   Interpersonal Writing - The Party
Interpersonal Writing - The Party invitation

                    Presentational Speaking - The Storyteller
Chapter 5   Interpersonal Writing - Looking forward to your visit
                    Interpersonal Speaking
- 2D At the Entrance
                    Presentational Writing - Letter to Kawabata
Chapter 6
  Presentational Writing - The Festival
Presentational Speaking - A Local Festival

Presentational Writing - The Future
                    Presentational Speaking - Celebrating New Years

Chapter 7   Interpersonal Speaking  *coming soon
                    Presentational Writing - The Bonenkai

Chapter 8
  Interpersonal Speaking - I Just Prepared for the Party
Presentational Writing  *coming soon
Chapter 9  
                    Presentational Writing 1A The food critic 

Presentational Speaking - Making a Dish
Chapter 10

Interpersonal Speaking - 1B What I want to do 

Presentational Writing - 1A Letter to a college adviser